Introducing: Contactless Pick-ups & Deliveries

Whether you need someone to pick-up your groceries, takeout or go to the pharmacy for you, our Pros have you covered. Just select the service you need below and fill out the booking form.

Here’s why our Contactless Pick-up & Delivery is better than the competition:

✔ Google Verified & Approved Business
✔ Background-checked and hand-picked professionals
✔ Packages may be wiped down with disinfectant upon request
✔ Affordable rates and friendly customer service
✔ Backed by 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

How it works:

  1. Provide address for pick-up and delivery.
  2. Add item details in the booking notes then pay online
  3. Our local hand-picked Pros will take care of your pickup and/or delivery
  4. Your packages will be placed outside your door or wherever you request
contactless delivery and pick-up

Contactless Delivery

Get your things delivered by professionals that know a thing or two about sanitizing! Upon request, our hand-picked Pros will wipe down the outside of the packages that they pick-up and deliver to your front door at no extra charge.

The 3 steps we take to protect you:

  1. Proper hand cleaning and sanitizing at all times
  2. Protective gear such as masks and gloves worn as necessary
  3. Wiping down packages with EPA-approved disinfectant upon drop-off
contactless grocery pick-ups and delivery

Takeout, Groceries and Meds

Order your takeout, groceries and meds stress-free knowing that our Pros follow CDC guidelines on proper hygiene and sanitation.

Example places we can pickup from:

  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Department Stores
  • Pharmacies
contactless pharmacy pick-ups and delivery

Multi-Stop Pick-ups

Need help running errands or doing a multi-stop pick-up/delivery? Our hand-selected Pros can handle it all for you in no time!

Example Multi-Stop Pick-up & Delivery:

  1. Pick-up package from customer home
  2. Drop-off prepaid package to post office
  3. Pick-up your prescriptions from local pharmacy
  4. Pick-up your dinner from a nearby restaurant