How the Power of Deep Cleaning Could Add Value to Your Home Sale Price

It’s easy to aim for bells and whistles when you’re working to add value to a home in Tampa, FL. The truth, though, is that there are some inexpensive ways to make your home’s value reach the heights you hope for. The biggest one might surprise you: by either investing in a professional cleaning service or digging in and getting the deep cleaning done yourself, you can turn elbow grease into the best possible step toward your home’s sale. Why does cleaning add value to homes? Here are some of the ways. 

Make Surfaces Appear Newer

It’s simple: buyers judge a surface and use that to determine whether or not a space is in good repair. Yes, buyers could evaluate what they could do with a dirty or simple average-clean house, but most will instead be impressed when they see a home that has been fully shined to perfection. They’ll see things as in overall better repair even if the truth is that the space is simply deeply cleaned.

Reveal and Display Architectural Detail

Many older or historic homes have gone through some years of accumulating dust in hard-to-reach places. The more effort and attention to detail used on the home’s features, even for a rather recent home, the more people will notice the thoughtful touches that the builders included when the house was built. Buyers are more likely to notice the best elements of a home that will help them fall in love with it when those items are shown in their best detail.

Draw Attention to the Good Rather Than Distracting With Dust

Let’s be clear – dust probably shouldn’t be the reason people do or do not make their decision to buy a home. But it’s hard to look past an untidy home – so many buyers will unconsciously (or even consciously!) decide the home’s owner is neglecting the cleaning but could also be neglecting the maintenance and key repairs. Dust doesn’t mean that, of course, but it’s easy for people to make mental leaps. Take away one more distraction from the home by putting in the time with a deep clean before listing for sale.

Good Decluttering Helps Buyers See Themselves in the Home

Another key feature of a home that attracts buyer attention is decluttering. Many of us don’t notice just how much accumulates in our homes until we go to sell the house. Shelves, tables, and countertops easily get covered with things that may be beautiful and meaningful but which mean less to a buyer than they do within your family. A great step toward making your home appear clean, pristine, and ready for a buyer is to declutter, removing (or going ahead and packing!) the items that are memorable and important to you but which personalize the house. Buyers want to see the canvas that they can put their spin upon, and decluttering gives them space to start dreaming. 

Ready to implement these tips and get to deep cleaning? The next step is to find amazing real estate agent options in your area and work with someone who can personalize additional staging tips. 


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