Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction or Remodel Cleanup Services

Call, email, or use our mobile app to schedule Pro Housekeepers to clean, detail, and shine your newly built or remodeled home.

New Construction

Having a home custom-built is exciting! While the builders will move out the large debris a lot of dust and particles are left behind. This includes the stickers, brand labels, and plastic wrap on windows and appliances. Not to mention the smudges, scuff marks, and fingerprints left behind during installation.

Once the construction process is complete, we invite you to schedule Pro Housekeepers. We will dispatch a team with the commercial equipment required to efficiently vacuum up the excessive amount of dust and particles. Our HEPA filter ensures that the particles are removed from the air as well.


Even if your home was well sealed, the remodeled area will be a mess—and dust and particles inevitably seep into other areas of your home. Our team performs the detailing and deep cleaning required to enjoy your newly remodeled kitchen, bathroom, room, or home.

Pro Housekeepers is the go-to post-build cleaning company for homeowners, landlords, construction and building companies, interior designers, and property managers. We ensure every property is pristine and move-in ready. Our service includes before and after photos and videos. We will also alert you if we find an area the builders need to take a second look at—such as a place the paint needs to be touched up.

Add-On Organization

Once your space is move-in ready, you need to have your personal belongings moved in and organized. While we don’t provide moving services and we don’t lift heavy boxes—we are available to help you unpack and organize.

We can organize your new closet or pantry, wash the dishes that were packed away and put them back in your new cabinets, restock your bathroom, or help you organize in any way you instruct.

Why Pro Housekeepers?

  • Fully vetted and background-checked
  • Insured up to $2,000,000
  • Experienced and thoroughly trained
  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • Equipped with all supplies and equipment
  • Green cleaning by requests
  • You can pre-schedule or book last minute
  • Book by phone, email, or mobile app

Construction and Remodeling Cleaning Checklist

Pro Housekeepers is proud to be the company of choice for homeowners, landlords, construction and building companies, interior designers, and property managers.

We use extension dusters and window washers for any height taller than a 2-step step ladder.

  • Stickers, Labels, and Plastic Wrap

    We remove all of the plastic that furniture and appliances have been wrapped in and remove the brand labels and stickers. This includes removing any residue left behind. Then we disinfect and polish to perfection.

  • Dust, Particles, and Scuff Marks

    We perform a floor-to-ceiling dust and vacuum of every single element in each room including the baseboards, trim, and doorframes. We utilize a commercial HEPA filter vacuum for air quality and efficiency. We also scrub away inevitable scuff marks on the walls or surfaces. If any scuffs can’t be removed and paint needs to be touched up, we let you know.

  • Fixtures, Hardware, and Appliances

    We dust or wipe down light fixtures, doorknobs, handles, faucets, and chrome appliances. After removing all fingerprints and smudges, we chrome polish them so that they shine bright.

  • Tiles and Masonry

    Our team has the tools and expertise to dust, clean, and sanitize brick, masonry, and tile of every kind. From smooth to textured we have you covered. We can also remove excess grout left behind in the bathroom, on the floor, or between tiles and masonry.

  • Cabinets, Closets, and Drawers

    Construction dust finds its way into every crack and crevice. Trust our team to vacuum, wipe, and disinfect from the inside out. This includes the inside of your new cabinets, pantry, closet, shelves, and drawers.

  • Furniture and Upholstery

    If your furniture was covered with cloth or tarp during the remodel, we will vacuum all accessible sides. We don’t move furniture, so we advise moving everything out at least 3 feet from the wall before we arrive so that we can do a 360-degree clean. Even if you don’t see any visible dust, construction particles find their way in. This can create air quality concerns and can damage delicate upholstery.

Add-On Services

  • Patio, balcony, terrace, or deck
  • Outdoor kitchen or living area
  • Organizing closets, pantry, fridge, or any area you advise
  • Adding shelf liners to pantry, closets, or shelves
  • Full home deep clean


Won’t my construction crew clean things up?

Your builders or construction crew will move out leftover nails, wood, insulation, cardboard, and any other building debris—but they don’t perform a detailed clean. There will be a lot of dust left behind and lots of smudges, fingerprints, and scuffs. If you have new appliances, you may also need the plastic wrap, brand labels, or window stickers removed.

We’re the team that cleans this all up and ensures your residence is move-in ready.

Can I just clean up myself?

In most cases, we say yes, but in this case, we strongly advise you to hire a professional. In addition to the fact that our services are efficient, we have the commercial equipment required to clean up construction dust and particles. Even the most advanced household vacuums aren’t designed for construction cleanup. You run the risk of damaging or burning them out if you do the cleaning yourself.

How much does construction cleanup cost?

The price of your construction or remodeling cleanup service varies by factors such as the square footage of your home or the space that needs to be cleaned. It may also vary by how many specialty areas or items need to be detail cleaned.

How long will it take to clean up after construction or remodeling?

On average, we can clean 1,000 square feet per hour. Even without furniture, the amount of detailing that needs to be completed takes a lot of time. Feel free to add on home organization to get you or your tenant back in the residence as soon as possible.