Turnover Service

Turnover Services for Airbnbs, Vacation Rentals, Corporate Housing, and Short-Term Rentals

Call, email, or use our mobile app to pre-schedule Pro Housekeepers to turn over your furnished rental ASAP!

5-Star Same-Day Turnaround

The sooner your furnished rental is cleaned, the sooner you can welcome your next guest! Pre-schedule us after your guest’s checkout time and our team will come in and complete 5-star cleaning and disinfecting. This service includes washing towels and bedding, cleaning out leftover food in the refrigerator, and arranging amenities per your request, such as transferring bottled water from the pantry to the fridge and placing your welcome packet front and center. We also take before and after photos and videos and call you ASAP if an area of your property has been soiled or damaged beyond our cleaning capacity.

Daily and Weekly Housekeeping

Many vacationers and corporate travelers are renting short-term for several weeks or months at a time. Provide our daily or weekly housekeeping services to your guests as an included or add-on service. This ensures the hands-free cleaning and laundry many guests desire while on vacation or extended business trips. It also provides you with the peace of mind that your property is well cared for during extended stays.

Photos, Videos, and Inventory Check

You don’t have time to stop by to inspect our services between each tenant, which is why we provide photos and videos. This demonstrates our 5-star quality, and if needed—provides the evidence required to keep your tenant’s security deposit if they have soiled or damaged your furnished rental. We will also alert you when you need to purchase more of your included amenities and essential household items such as toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, bottled water, and more. We don’t do the shopping for you, but you can have supplies delivered while we’re there.

Why Pro Housekeepers?

  • Fully vetted and background-checked
  • Insured up to $2,000,000
  • Experienced and thoroughly trained
  • Friendly and enthusiastic
  • Equipped with all supplies and equipment
  • Green cleaning by requests
  • You can pre-schedule or book last minute
  • Book by phone, email, or mobile app

Furnished Rental Turnover Checklist

Pro Housekeepers is proud to be the company of choice for property managers and landlords. We work with you to curate a turnover checklist that meets the unique needs of your short-term or vacation rental. This service is a bit more detailed than our standard weekly cleaning services, as it often requires organization, stocking, laundry, and outdoor cleaning.

We use extension dusters and window washers for any height taller than a 2-step step ladder.

Living Room, Dining Room, and Bedrooms

  • Clean and dust all surfaces including ceiling fans and accessible light fixtures
  • Sanitize light switches, remote controls, doorknobs, handles, and high-touch elements
  • Use an extension duster to remove cobwebs
  • Wash throw blankets, towels, and bedding and make the beds
  • Vacuum upholstery
  • Take out the trash throughout the entire home


  • Scrub, disinfect, and rinse sinks and showers
  • Remove built-up soap scum
  • Disinfect toilets inside and out
  • Clean lights and fixtures
  • Wiping down vanity and mirrors
  • Clean and disinfect counters and flooring
  • Restock toilet paper and toiletries
  • Shine faucets and cabinet hardware


  • Clean and sanitize counter, backsplash, and cooktop
  • Clean inside and outside microwave
  • Polish the exterior of appliances
  • Shine faucets and cabinet hardware
  • Clean and disinfect flooring
  • Empty leftover food in the refrigerator and clean and sanitize
  • Check the stock level and condition of dish soap, sponge, dishwasher detergent, bottled water, standard amenity snacks, etc.

Laundry and Laundry Room

  • We create a custom quote to include all towels, sheets, tea towels, microfiber cleaning cloths, and pool towels
  • Empty and clean dryer lint
  • Sanitize countertops and cabinets
  • Clean and sanitize flooring
  • Check laundry room amenities such as laundry detergent, fabric softener, and laundry sheets

Add-On Services

  • Patio, balcony, terrace, or deck
  • Outdoor kitchen or living area
  • Organizing closets, pantry, fridge, or any area you advise
  • Extremely soiled residence may cost more *we will advise upon arrival


How quickly can you turn over my short-term rental? 

We understand that you may have your next tenant booked on the same day. Preschedule us to arrive after your current tenant checks out and we will bring a team large enough to clean your furnished rental before the new tenant checks in. We will need at least 1 hour depending on the size of your property. Multiple hours if multiple loads of laundry need to be washed. Most tenants provide a 2 to 4-hour window between tenants.

You can also schedule us last minute, and we can send a team on the same day or on the next day.

Can you stock my rental property?

While we don’t purchase your amenity items for you (toilet paper, shampoo, conditioner, dishwasher detergent, laundry detergent, etc.) we can restock what is on-site. Many clients place their backstock in a closet and let us know how to arrange their amenity items for each guest.

We include stocking and inventory count on our checklist and will alert you when essential items are running low so that you can purchase more. You can also have more items delivered while we’re there.

How much do turnover services cost?

The price of your turnover service varies by factors such as the square footage of your furnished rental, the number of rooms, how many loads of linens need to be washed, and the outside areas that need to be cleaned. We will provide you with a custom quote.

How quickly can you turn over my furnished rental?

On average, we can clean 1,000 square feet per hour. In the circumstance that a tenant has severely soiled your furnished rental, we may need to charge more and will require more time to clean. When this occurs, we will notify you of this ASAP with photos and videos.

We understand that travel plans can change, so you can pre-schedule us or schedule on short notice post-checkout by email, phone, or our mobile app.