Laundry Service

Reach us via call, email, or our user-friendly mobile app to schedule expert laundry management for your short-term rental whenever you need it!

Prompt Laundry Turnaround

Swift laundry service means your furnished rental is ready for the next guest sooner! Plan our visit following your guest’s checkout, and our team will carry out a 5-star laundry service. This includes washing, drying, and folding towels, linens, and other fabrics. We also manage any specific requirements, like ensuring towels are perfectly folded in the bathroom or that beds are made with fresh linens. We document our work with before and after photos and videos and notify you if we spot any damaged or stained items.

Regular Laundry Service

If your short-term rental or corporate housing is rented for several weeks or months, our regular laundry service can be provided to ensure your guests always have fresh linens and towels. This ongoing service means you don’t have to worry about managing laundry during extended stays.

Photos, Videos, and Quality Checks

You may not have time to verify our work between every booking, which is why we provide photo and video documentation of our services. This ensures our 5-star quality and, if needed, gives proof if a tenant has stained or damaged your linens or towels. We also inform you when your linens and towels need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Why Choose Our Laundry Services?

  • Fully vetted and background-checked staff
  • Insured up to $2,000,000
  • Experienced and thoroughly trained personnel
  • Swift and diligent service
  • You can pre-schedule or book last minute
  • Book by phone, email, or mobile app

Laundry Management Checklist

We are the preferred choice for property managers and landlords for managing the laundry needs of their rentals. We will work with you to create a custom checklist that covers all your requirements. This service includes washing, drying, ironing, and folding linens and towels, and checking the condition of these items.


  • Wash, dry, iron, and fold bed linens
  • Ensure clean linens are placed on beds
  • Inspect condition of linens and advise on replacements if needed


  • Wash, dry, and fold towels and bath mats
  • Restock towels and notify if replacements are required
  • Ensure neatly folded towels are available for new guests

Laundry Room

  • Manage laundry detergents, fabric softeners, and other supplies
  • Check condition of washer and dryer, alerting you to any maintenance needs
  • Clean lint trap in dryer

Add-On Services

  • Laundry for outdoor areas like pool towels
  • Laundry for kitchen items like tablecloths or tea towels
  • Laundry for heavily soiled items may incur additional costs *we will advise upon arrival


How quickly can you manage laundry for my short-term rental?

We know that prompt laundry turnaround is critical, especially when bookings are close together. Schedule us to arrive after your guest checks out, and we’ll ensure all laundry is handled efficiently. The exact timing will depend on the quantity of laundry and your property’s facilities.

Can you restock my linens and towels?

While we don’t purchase replacements for you, we can make sure all available items are freshly laundered and neatly arranged for incoming guests. We perform a thorough check of all items and will alert you if replacements are required.

How much do laundry management services cost?

The cost for our laundry management services is determined by various factors such as the quantity of laundry, the frequency of service, and any specific requirements you might have. We provide a tailored quote based on these factors.

How quickly can you turn around my laundry?

On average, we can manage a standard load of laundry within an hour. If there’s a larger quantity of laundry or heavily soiled items, we may need more time and may charge additional costs. We will notify you promptly with updates.

We understand that schedules can change unexpectedly, so you can either pre-schedule our services or arrange for them at short notice by email, phone, or our mobile app.