how to clean silk lampshades

How To Clean Lampshades

Lampshades often get overlooked during routine cleaning, but they can attract dust and dirt that looks unsightly and affects the quality of light in your home. No matter what style or material lampshades you have, our Pros know the best ways to keep them clean. Follow our Pro tips for removing stains and marks from[...]

How To Clean a Fabric Couch and Sofa

Fabric couches, sofas, and chairs are extremely popular for their comfort and durability, but even the best treated fabric will need an occasional clean to keep it in top condition. Most couches should be deep cleaned once or twice a year, but fabric furniture can sometimes need a little more TLC, including vacuuming once a[...]
Starting a cleaning business from scratch

Vacation Rental Cleaning Guide for Success

Summer is just around the corner, and with vaccination rates on the rise, more and more states are preparing for an influx of tourists. It’s time to get your vacation rental property ready to receive guests. That means making a plan for how to complete turnover cleaning between rentals. Follow our complete guide to vacation[...]