how to clean windows outside with telescopic tool

How to Clean Windows and Window Screens

Dirty windows are an eyesore to any home. They can also lead to problems with energy efficiency. One way to keep your windows clean is to use the services of cleaning Pros. But you can also handle cleaning windows yourself if you have the right tools and cleaning products.  If you’re ready for some cleaning[...]
how to clean laptop screen

How To Clean Your Electronic Devices

We spend our lives surrounded by electronic devices. However clean you might keep your house, when was the last time you gave your phone or laptop a thorough scrubbing? Many people are understandably nervous about how to clean electronics without causing damage. The last thing you want is to get your new phone or computer[...]
How to clean a garbage disposal

How To Clean and Maintain a Garbage Disposal Like a Pro

If you’ve got a garbage disposal unit in your sink, you might notice that it sometimes smells. Or maybe it’s making a loud grinding noise, or just not working as efficiently. Cleaning and maintaining your garbage disposal is important to keep it working properly. A properly cleaned garbage disposal can last for years! Follow these[...]
how to get nail polish off walls

How to Clean Nail Polish Off Any Surface

It’s easy to spill nail polish, but much harder to remove it! Luckily, our cleaning Pros know the best tricks for getting dried nail polish off all kinds of surfaces. So don’t despair, learn how to clean nail polish properly and you’ll never have to worry about nail polish stains again. How do you get[...]

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