The Best Organic and Natural House Cleaning Products

You want a clean house, but you don’t want to fill it with chemicals. There are a variety of reasons why many people are turning to natural, organic cleaning solutions, from disliking the unpleasant smell of harsh bleaches and pesticides, to fears about cross-contamination in your home, or environmental harm once they’re washed away. Whatever[…]

The Importance of Personal Hygiene

A Clean Home Helps You Live Healthier and Longer!

As a hygiene issue, a clean home is more important to women than men. There also seems to be at tendency that, the higher education men have, the less time they spend on household cleaning. Those with a lower level of education put more value on cleaning and cleanliness in their homes but are generally[…]

Learn All There Is To Know About Stain Removal On Clothes & Fabrics

At some point we’ve all stained a favorite item of clothing, whether it’s spaghetti sauce dripped down a white shirt, a pen leaked in your pocket, or a kid came home covered in mud and grass stains. Stop playing roulette with your washing machine, wondering if it will remove the stain or set it for[…]

The Best Post-Construction Cleaning Guide

If you’ve been living with builders in your house, you know how destructive construction work can be. Even when everything goes according to plan and your tradesmen are as tidy as possible, dust and dirt are inevitable. With post-construction cleanup comes specialized cleaning requirements. Brick or drywall dust can damage your home if not cleaned[…]

Cleaning habits of cultures around the world

7 Healthy Cleaning Traditions Everyone Can Learn About From Different Cultures

Spring cleaning is more than a western tradition. Around the world, spring and new year are accompanied by extensive cleaning rituals in most cultures. Such spring cleans have both a scientific and symbolic history. While new years are commonly associated with fresh starts and looking toward the future—making them the perfect time to clear out[…]

The Secret Habits To Keeping Your Home Clean

Stepping into a fresh, clean home is a wonderful experience. Having a clean home doesn’t just feel good either, there are numerous health benefits, from reducing allergens and allergy symptoms to feeling less stressed. Cleaning itself is also good for you—you can burn hundreds of calories carrying out everyday cleaning activities. Despite all the positives,[…]

Home Cleaning with Vinegar

Everything You Need To Know About Vinegar As A Household Cleaning Agent

Vinegar, from the Latin “vinum acer” meaning “sour wine,” dates back at least 7,000 years. It has been found in Ancient Egyptian urns, was a lower-class drink in Roman times, was mentioned in the Old Testament, and was in large-scale production in China by 500BC. Vinegar can be made from any sugary substance but usually[…]