Essential cleaning to do’s before you start unpacking your new home

    Moving cleaning tips for new movers and homeowners

    Moving home is always a challenge.

    Something that always helps reduce the stress of re-settling is being prepared with a list of things to do. On that list, make sure you have a pre-moving in cleaning checklist. Even if you’re relocating to a brand new home or a previously rented property that has been professionally cleaned by the vacating tenant, it’s worthwhile carrying out the following before you begin to unpack. Remember – cleaning your home goes most smoothly when you start high and end low (otherwise you’ll end up cleaning twice!)

    1. Check if the windows are squeaky clean

    Washing windows inside and out is the task most often neglected during most house cleaning sprees – especially windows high up off the ground. Ask your agent to recommend a reasonably priced professional service if you can’t tackle all the glass yourself.

    2. Go on pest patrol

    Even with regular professional pest checks, it’s worth making sure the property is free of any pests that might have moved in during the period of vacancy. Check inside and out for cobwebs or traces of ants, cockroaches or rodents. If you have pets or children, it’s also worth making sure no baits or traps are in plain sight or easily reached.

    3. Check the kitchen

    The stove and range hood should be your first port of call. Make sure there’s no build-up of grease or food debris. Check all the cupboards for dust before you unpack too, and if you’re renting make sure you put down a protective lining before stacking the shelves. This is a cheap and effective way of preventing scratches and catching spills. If a fridge is already installed, wipe down the interior with a mild antibacterial detergent and make sure the seals are clean.

    4. Prepare the bathrooms

    Taps, toilets, tiles, showerheads, cupboards and air vents should be checked for mould and dust. While you’re here, stash some toilet paper too – it’s certainly one thing you don’t want to forget!

    5. Elsewhere

    Bedrooms, living and dining areas all require a quick spruce. Start by checking the walls and skirting for any marks – especially if the previous occupant had children or pets. Generally, mild soap and a microfibre cloth should take care of removing any stains. Check the filters on air-conditioning units and heaters, and dust them off if necessary. It’s also worth checking light fixtures and ceiling fans for dust build-up. Make sure all storage spaces are wiped down as well to remove any settled dust.

    Having this sorted out will make your moving home experience much more pleasant. You’ll have peace of mind unpacking and know that the basic house cleaning duties have been properly taken care of.

    This article was written in conjunction with Hire A Mover, a professional Sydney removal company.