commercial cleaning company near me

What is Commercial Cleaning and Where Do You Start?

For every type of mess and spill, there is a specific cleaning solution. Commercial cleaning deals with non-domestic cleaning needs, but there are all kinds of commercial cleaning services, doing everything from vacuuming offices to handling hazardous waste. Here’s everything you need to know about what commercial cleaning really means, and what commercial cleaners actually[...]
The Importance of Personal Hygiene

A Clean Home Helps You Live Healthier and Longer!

As a hygiene issue, a clean home is more important to women than men. There also seems to be at tendency that, the higher education men have, the less time they spend on household cleaning. Those with a lower level of education put more value on cleaning and cleanliness in their homes but are generally[…]

Airbnb turnover cleaning services

How To Succeed As An Airbnb Vacation Rental Host

If you’re one of the 650,000 hosts currently letting your property through Airbnb, or any other short-term rental marketplace, you know how important it is to keep your guests happy. Good reviews are critical—there’s a direct correlation between positive reviews and high Airbnb occupancy rates—and poor cleanliness and hygiene is a complaint in a significant[…]


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