Airbnb Cleaning Checklist: Simplify Your Hosting Duties

    Refreshing your Airbnb home has never been easier with our Airbnb cleaning checklist tailor-made for busy hosts.

    When it comes to getting raving 5-star guest reviews, your Airbnb’s cleanliness is one of the biggest influential factors between a top review, and a not-so-great rating. With these cleaning tips, you’ll have your Airbnb spotless and guest-ready in no time.

    Airbnb Cleaning Checklist: Simplify Your Hosting Duties

    Gather Your Cleaning Supplies

    A well-organized cleaning kit is a silent ally that can redefine the hosting experience for Airbnb hosts. Not only does a thoroughly equipped toolkit save time, but it also lifts the stress of maintaining a spotless space.

    When assembling your cleaning arsenal, think of all possible spots in the home that require TLC. A little preparation can make the cleaning process less daunting.

    Create a Cleaning Kit

    Packing and organizing your Airbnb cleaning kit is a simple yet crucial step in your cleaning process. You’ll save substantial time and energy, making the cleaning process more efficient and less burdensome.

    • Multipurpose cleaning spray
    • Bleach or disinfectant
    • Glass cleaner
    • Floor cleaner
    • Scrub brushes
    • Microfiber cloths
    • Disposable gloves
    • Duster
    • Trash bags
    • Sponges
    • Paper towels
    • Toilet bowl cleaner
    • Magic eraser
    • Vacuum cleaner bags or filters
    • Mop and bucket set
    • Waste bin liners

    Stock Up on the Right Cleaning Products

    Choose reliable, efficient, and high-quality cleaning products that suit your Airbnb’s surfaces and materials. It’s crucial to have an ample stockpile to get the most out of your products.

    • Eco-friendly cleaning products 
    • Multipurpose cleaners 
    • Disinfectants 
    • Specialty cleaners for unique materials and surfaces
    • Window and glass cleaners 

    Stockpiling Tips 

    • Bulk buy for commonly used products.
    • Keep a backup supply of essential cleaning products.
    • Regularly monitor and replenish your cleaning product stock.

    Prepare the Space

    To get your Airbnb ready for a seamless cleaning session, start by pre-cleaning. By preparing the space, you’ll begin your cleaning session off on the right foot and give yourself the best chance of a spotless, glistening finish.

    Declutter and Organize

    To transform your Airbnb into a guest-ready heaven, start by decluttering and organizing the space. These simple, systematic steps will make the cleaning process smoother.

    • Empty all trash bins and remove any leftover items from the previous guest.
    • Align furniture, fluff pillows, and neatly arrange decorations.
    • Place utensils, dishes, and cookware in their designated spots.
    • Arrange bathroom essentials neatly, making sure toiletries are replenished if needed.
    • Implement a system for storing books, games, and other entertainment amenities.

    Secure Personal Items

    As an Airbnb host, you’ll want to secure any personal items before guests arrive. This ensures your privacy and prevents any accidental mishaps.

    • Store personal documents and valuables in a secure place.
    • Lock any rooms in your property not designated for guest use.
    • Remove or lock away any sentimental or personal items.
    • Personal toiletries should be stored away from guests.

    Remove Excess Belongings

    In keeping your Airbnb spotless, insist on maintaining minimalism. Less stuff means less mess, so remove any excess furniture or decor, especially if they are not serving any practical purpose. This will make the space more appealing and easier to clean for your next guests.

    Airbnb Cleaning Checklist: Simplify Your Hosting Duties

    Follow a Room-by-Room Cleaning Routine

    By following a meticulous room-by-room cleaning procedure, you can ensure every corner of your Airbnb property is spotless.

    Don’t let strenuous cleaning responsibilities dull the joy of hosting. Break down the task into room-by-room cleaning sessions, making it manageable. This tailored approach places you on a smooth, hassle-free path, maintaining a pristine Airbnb ready to welcome guests.

    Living Area and Common Spaces

    Ensuring warm, clean living spaces goes a long way in enhancing your guests’ stay. Remember to dust off furniture, vacuum the rugs, mop the floor, and clean the mirrors to offer a spotless living area.

    For those deeper cleaning needs in common spaces, consider shampooing the carpets, machine washing removable fabrics, and giving your hard surfaces a good scrub. This deep clean can be a game changer in heightening your guests’ satisfaction.

    Kitchen and Dining Area

    To revitalize your Airbnb kitchen, start by wiping down cabinets, countertops, and appliances. Check that the oven is grease-free, and the fridge is uncluttered and spotless. Don’t forget to clean kitchen tools and check if all utensils are in good condition.

    When setting the stage for the dining area, ensure the dishes, glassware, and silverware are shining clean to add a touch of professionalism to your space. Try adding a simple centerpiece to create a warm, welcoming feel for your guests.

    Bathrooms and Toilets

    Carve out pristine sanctuaries in your Airbnb property by methodically cleaning every corner of your bathrooms. Scrub the tub and sink thoroughly, then wipe mirrors and countertops, and mop the floors. Don’t forget to clean the shower and faucets too – they should glisten as brightly as your five-star reviews!

    Next, pour a liberal amount of toilet cleaner into the toilet bowl, follow it by scrubbing thoroughly, then flush. Wipe the toilet’s exterior surfaces, especially the handle, focusing on disinfection. 

    Bedrooms and Sleeping Areas

    A blissful stay in your Airbnb starts with a meticulously cleaned bedroom. Remember to dust every surface from the headboard to the nightstands, vacuum the floors and under the bed, and clean all mirrors for a spotless reflection.

    Lastly, give the bedroom a simple refresh. Lightly spritz a fabric freshener onto curtains, rugs, and upholstery for a pleasant, welcoming smell.

    Airbnb Cleaning Checklist: Simplify Your Hosting Duties

    Focus on High-Touch Surfaces

    Your Airbnb’s high-touch surfaces—things like door handles, light switches, and remote controls—warrant special attention. Regularly cleaning them keeps not only your accommodations spotless but also ensures the health and safety of your guests.

    Disinfect and Sanitize

    Use high-grade disinfectants and sanitizers to thoroughly clean high-touch surfaces, countertops, appliances, and bathroom fixtures.

    Breathe fresh life into your Airbnb space by taking key steps in the disinfection and sanitizing process. 

    Pay Attention to Handles and Switches

    To keep your Airbnb property virus-free, give special attention to frequently touched items like handles and switches. Wiping these areas with disinfectant wipes or a bleach-based solution can help eliminate potential pathogens.

    Bedding and Linen Care

    Every piece of bedding and linen in your Airbnb requires routine care to maintain its freshness and cleanliness. This includes washing, drying, folding, checking for stains, and doing a damage inspection for each item. This extra diligence ensures a serene, restful space for your guests.

    Inspect for Stains and Damage

    A routine inspection is key for maintaining a pristine Airbnb space. Paying regular attention to the condition of your Airbnb items isn’t just about aesthetics and guest appeal, it’s a practical strategy to keep your belongings in top shape.

    Regularly inspect for stains and damage to reduce the need for last-minute scrambles before guest check-ins.

    Finishing Touches and Extras

    The finishing touches are just as important as your cleaning routine. Invest some time in adding little extras to your Airbnb to give it a cozy, luxurious feel. Whether it’s equipping the kitchen with all cooking essentials, throwing in a few good books for leisure reading, or stocking up local tour guidebooks, the possibilities are infinite.

    Check Inventory and Restock

    The key to seamless hosting lies in regular inventory audits. Ensuring your Airbnb never runs short of essentials from toiletries to kitchenware will save you from frantic last-minute runs.

    By maintaining a diverse array of amenities like comfy bedding to coffee pods, you give your guests a positive experience, echoing the comforts of their home.

    Add Personalized Touches

    Surprising your guests with personalized touches will make your Airbnb stand out. Consider leaving personalized postcards or guidebooks of the area, offering a unique keepsake of their stay. 

    Keep in mind that personal touches don’t have to be extravagant. It can be as simple as providing quality toiletries or arranging the towels creatively. The goal is to create a comfortable, welcoming environment for your guests.

    Do a Final Walkthrough

    As the capstone of your cleaning process, the final walkthrough is critical. Be sure to scrutinize every area for dirt or clutter that might have been overlooked. This helps in presenting a flawless Airbnb home to your guests.

    During this final inspection, think like a guest, not a host. Check the functionality of appliances, level of comfort, and overall livability. The goal is to ensure a well-prepared space that paves the way for those highly coveted 5-star reviews.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How often should I clean my Airbnb property?

      It is recommended to clean your Airbnb property after each guest’s stay. This ensures a fresh and welcoming environment for your next guest.

    2. Can I hire a professional cleaning service for my Airbnb property?

      Yes, hiring a professional cleaning service can be a convenient option for busy Airbnb hosts. They can ensure that your property is thoroughly cleaned and ready for the next guest.

    3. How much does a professional cleaning service for Airbnb properties cost?

      The cost of a professional cleaning service for Airbnb properties can vary depending on factors such as the size of the property and the specific services required.

    4. Do I need to provide cleaning supplies for the cleaning service?

      It is generally expected that the cleaning service will bring their cleaning supplies. However, it is a good idea to communicate with the cleaning company beforehand to confirm this.

    5. What should I do if a guest leaves the property in a messy condition?

      If a guest leaves the property in a messy condition, document the damages or mess with photos and contact Airbnb support. They can guide you on the next steps to take.

    6. What should I do if a guest reports cleanliness issues during their stay?

      If a guest reports cleanliness issues during their stay, apologize for the inconvenience and take immediate action to address the problem. Offer to send a cleaning crew or provide a refund if necessary.