How To Clean a Blackstone Griddle

Griddles are steel cooking surfaces used to cook meals, especially the ones that involve flipping, like pancakes, scrambled eggs, etc. And if you love outdoor cooking, you most likely have a griddle, especially a Blackstone Griddle, in your home. 

Caring for and cleaning your Blackstone griddle is as important as cleaning your cookware and grills. You need to reconsider this if you don’t clean your griddle as much as you clean your cookware.  A griddle that isn’t cared for tends to rust and wear out easily, whereas a well-maintained one will stand the test of time. 

Cleaning a griddle doesn’t take much time; you can do it yourself. In addition, the cleaning supplies you need are most likely in your house already. 

That being said, in this article you will find tips on how to clean a Blackstone griddle for the first time and after cooking, regardless of its state.

Let’s get started.

    How To Clean a Blackstone Griddle

    How Often Should You Clean Your Blackstone Griddle?

    When you get a new Blackstone griddle, it is important that you clean and season it to remove any debris that might be on it. This way, you expunge any remnant that comes with it from the industry. 

    After the first-time cleaning, you will need to clean and season your Blackstone griddle after every use. 

    What You Need to Clean Your Blackstone Griddle 

    Here are the items you should have: 

    • A microfiber towel 
    • Paper towel
    • Bucket 
    • Scraper 
    • A mild cleaning liquid, preferably dishwasher liquid
    • Pumice grill stone 
    • Any cooking oil you don’t have 
    • Brush or scouring pad (non-metallic)
    How To Clean a Blackstone Griddle

    How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle for the First time 

    After you have set up your griddle, here is how to clean and season it for the first time: 

    Step 1: Prepare the Cleaning Solution

    Pour a gallon or two of warm water into a bucket, add a few squirts of a quality dishwashing liquid soap and mix the solution well. 

    Step 2: Wipe the Cooking Surfaces

    Plunge a microfiber towel into the already-made cleaning solution and squeeze the towel til it no longer drips. Wipe the surface carefully but firmly. Try as much as possible to dip the microfiber towel in the solution and squeeze it while cleaning to prevent it from spreading dirt all over the surface. 

    Step 3: Rinse off and Dry the Cooking Surfaces

    Pour out the cleaning solution and get a bucket of just warm water. Dip the microfiber towel in the warm water, squeeze, and then use it to wipe away the soap from the cooling surfaces. 

    After you wipe off any soap remnants from the surfaces, get a paper towel to dry them. Let the griddle air dry before you begin seasoning. 

    Note: Ensure no moisture remains as it can cause rust. 

    Step 4: Seasoning the Griddle

    After you have dried the surfaces, turn up the griddle’s heat. Leave it on for about 10 minutes; now, the cooktop has a dark color. Coat all parts of the griddle using two or three teaspoons of your preferred kitchen oil. Use a paper towel to spread the oil. Remember to wear heat-resistance gloves while you rub the oil on the surface using a paper towel. 

    Keep the heat up until all the surface oil is burnt out. Do this process three more times. 

    Seasoning a griddle’s cooking surfaces helps to prevent rust and provides a non-stick surface to work on. Hence, you must not skip this process.

    How To Clean a Blackstone Griddle

      How to Clean a Blackstone Griddle After Cooking

      After you have cooked, let the griddle cool down then you can proceed to clean it. Since we know how to clean a Blackstone griddle for the first time, the next big question is, how do you clean a Blackstone griddle after use? Worry no more! Here is how to clean your Blackstone griddle after you have cooked on it: 

      Step 1: Scrap off Food Particles from the Cooktop

      With a metal scapula, scrap off all the food and juices on the cooktop. Afterward, get a paper towel to wipe off the grease or other remaining particles. 

      Note– If any particles are still stuck on the cooking surface, spray them with hot water to loosen the food residue, then try to scrap them again. 

      Step 2: Gently Scrub the Cooking Surface

      Using either the Blackstone scouring pad or a non-metallic brush, gently scrub the cooking surface without soap or a wire brush. Rinse the surface with warm water and wipe off any water left with a paper towel.  

      Step 3: Dry and Season the Griddle 

      With a microfiber towel, dry the griddle. When you are done, get a paper towel and one or two teaspoons of your preferred kitchen oil. Use the paper towel to spread the oil across the surface, covering every part of it. 

      Note- Avoid using soap to clean a Blackstone griddle already in use, as it can alter the taste of the food you cook next. 

      Using the microfiber towel repeatedly can lead it to garner dirt; check how to clean a microfiber towel.  

      How To Clean a Blackstone Griddle

      How to Clean a Rusty Blackstone Griddle

      It is not uncommon for a griddle to succumb to rust. Nonetheless, a Rusty griddle is not doomed; you can restore it. Here is how to clean Blackstone griddle rust: 

      Step 1: Turn on the Griddle’s Heat

      It is easier to expunge rust with heat. On that note, ensure you wear heat-protective gloves and gears before you start working on the griddle. 

      Turn the heat up and allow the griddle to be hot before you start working.

      While you wait for the griddle to heat up, you can find out how to clean pots and pans as a pro

      Step 2: Scrap Off the Rust 

      Using a metal scraper, scrap off any form of corrosion you find. However, ensure you follow a pattern so you don’t miss any patches, and be careful while scraping not to damage the griddle’s surface. And let the surface be completely dry during this process, so no water! 

      Step 3: Wipe Off the Loose Rust 

      After the griddle has cooled down, remove the loose rust from the griddle’s steel surface using either a metal scrapper or a paper towel. 

      Step 4: Scrub the Oiled Surface 

      Properly oil the surface with 5 teaspoons of oil. Using a pumice grill stone, scour the surface. If you don’t have a pumice grill stone, you can use a non-metallic brush. However, it is easier with a pumice grill stone. 

      Wipe off the remaining debris and oil using a paper towel. If rust persists, repeat the process with more oil each time till all the rust is expunged. 

      Step 5: Seasoning 

      After getting rid of the rust, the final step is to season the griddle. After, keep the griddle away from high humidity and moisture. And that’s how to clean a rusted Blackstone griddle. 

      How To Clean a Blackstone Griddle

      Can You Clean a Blackstone Griddle With Vinegar?

      Cleaning a Blackstone griddle with vinegar is another way to clean your griddle. And here is how it is done: 

      Pour vinegar on the griddle’s cooking surface, then use a scouring pad to scrub off the surface till it is squeaky clean. When it is clean, use a paper towel to wipe the surface. 

      Can You Clean a Blackstone Griddle With Salt?

      Cleaning a Blackstone griddle with salt is a good way to eliminate grease and stains. This technique is called a salt draw.

      You might not want the new food to taste like the previous one. A method that can help is the salt draw. Here is how it is done:

      Pour hot water on the griddle’s surface to loosen food residue. Wipe the griddle dry, then pour salt on it. Use a scapula or whatever you have to spread the salt across the griddle’s surface, then use a paper towel to clean it. Now your griddle is clean and won’t give your food an off taste.  

      How To Clean a Blackstone Griddle

      Can You Use Dawn Dish Soap on a Blackstone Griddle?

      Yes, it is advised. You can use it if the liquid soap is not abrasive. Hence, the dawn dish soap is a great option for cleaning your Blackstone griddle for the first time.

      What Is the Best Way to Clean a Blackstone Griddle?

      There is no absolute answer. Depending on what is available to you and why you are cleaning, there are different methods you can use. That said, the best way to clean a Blackstone griddle depends on which one you prefer. Nonetheless, the method that involves the metal scraper, hot water, and oil is the most popular.

      Final Thoughts

      Cleaning and caring for a Blackstone griddle doesn’t require much and is pretty simple. When you want to do the first clean, you will need liquid dish soap, a scouring pad, and water, and your griddle is free from any industrial dirt. Later on, you will season the griddle with dirt. 

      And for the cleaning after every use, you will need water, a scrapper, and a paper towel. It is pretty simple and would let your griddle last a lifetime. 

      Overall, the cleaning process is a small price to pay. However, it is advised to be careful during the process to avoid causing damage to the griddle or yourself.