How To Do a Moving Cleaning Just Right (A Detailed Guide)

    The complete guide with tips and tricks for cleaning a new home

    Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. Whether you’re renting and need to get your security deposit back, or selling your home and want to make it spotless for the new owners, leaving your property clean is an important part of the move.

    That’s why here at Pro Housekeepers we’ve put together a guide to complete house cleaning that can be used whether you’re moving into or out of a property. It’ll help you manage your time during this crucial transition period and give you a list of cleaning chores to follow so nothing gets forgotten. A thorough cleaning will ensure you leave your old property in good condition, and a deep clean before you unpack will help you settle comfortably into your new home.


    how to do a moving cleaning

    Before You Start

    The best way to approach a full-house deep clean depends on if you’re moving into the home or moving out. If you’re moving out, it’s easier to tackle the same chore across the whole house before progressing onto the next.

    Always work from the top-down, moving from the point farthest from the front door and working toward it. Clean each room in the same way, starting high and finishing low. That way you’re not brushing ceiling fan dust onto an already vacuumed carpet.

    If you’re cleaning your new home after moving in, start with the fridge. It’s easy to clean while empty and then you can store perishables safely when you’re working on unpacking the rest of your belongings. Plus after an hour’s cleaning you’ll be glad of a cool, refreshing drink while you take a break.

    All Rooms

    When your home is empty, each room becomes a blank canvas. Take advantage of that fact to get it really clean before you unpack your possessions or leave for the last time.


    Cleaning checklist for all rooms



    • Remove nails, pins and tacks from walls
    • Dust light fittings and fixtures, ceiling fans, HVAC vents, corners and ceilings
    • Wipe down baseboards, door tops and frames, window sills and light switches
    • Wash walls and windows
    • Clean curtain poles and/or wipe down blinds
    • Wipe down built-in fixtures and shelves
    • Deep clean carpet or vacuum thoroughly
    • Sweep and mop wooden, tile or laminate floors
    • Clean sliding door tracks

    When you’re vacating a property, you’ll want to pay special attention to those places that don’t get cleaned regularly. They’re the first spots a landlord or new homeowner will inspect! Take time to look around each room and check for high, flat surfaces that aren’t in your line of sight. Areas like the tops of doors or ceiling fans are notorious for collecting dust.

    Some cleaning chores are a particularly good idea when you’re moving into a new house because they’ll make the property more efficient. Cleaning HVAC vents and changing filters mean you’ll get the most from your heating and cooling system, and may even save money on your bills.

    Top Tip: Put an old pillowcase over the blades of a ceiling fan before dusting. That way you can brush dust into the case, minimizing debris on the floor. Just discard the case when you’re done.


    How to clean ceiling fans with pillow cases
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    Think about how you move around a house while you’re cleaning it. In heavy traffic areas look for scuffmarks on the walls, doors, and baseboards. They can usually be scrubbed clean with mild solutions like dish soap or a paste made from baking soda andwarm water.


    If there’s one room in your house you really want to leave clean for new residents, or make spotless before you use it, it’s your bathroom. While deep cleaning a bathroom can seem daunting, our checklist makes it easy to get to work.


    Moving cleaning checklist for bathrooms



    • Dust light fittings and fixtures, vents, corners and ceilings
    • Wipe down baseboards, door tops and frames, window sills and light switches
    • Clean faucets, door and cupboard handles, and toilet roll holders
    • Wash walls, windows and mirrors
    • Clean curtain poles and/or wipe down blinds
    • Wipe down built-in fixtures and shelves
    • Scrub the toilet, including under the seat and cistern
    • Clean grout, seals and shower door tracks
    • Clean plugholes and pipes
    • Soak the showerhead
    • Clean and disinfect floor
    • Leave behind a roll of toilet paper for new residents

    You don’t need to spend a fortune to get your bathroom gleaming. Common household items make great cleaners. Pour baking soda into plugholes and fill with white vinegar to clear drains. Cut citrus fruit such as lemons in half, cover liberally with salt, and use them to scrub your faucets and get them really clean and smelling fresh.

    Fill a bag with white vinegar and tie over your showerhead to soak overnight, and use a mixture of two parts baking soda and one part hydrogen peroxide to refresh tile grout. Let the mixture sit on the grout for ten minutes then wipe clean with a sponge and warm water.

    Top Tip: Steam is a great cleaner, and your shower can generate it for you. Spray bathroom surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner, turn your shower on with the water as hot as it will go and close the door. After twenty minutes, your bathroom will have been steam cleaned and all you’ll have to do is wipe down the surfaces with a microfiber cloth.


    Moving in and moving out checklist for bathrooms and showers

    As a final touch, use a light coat of disinfectant spray to ensure the entire bathroom is clean and sanitized.


    Deep cleaning your kitchen before or after a move is always a good idea. It’s the room where you prepare your food so any dirt can have serious health consequences.  When you’re moving houses, the kitchen should be the focal point of your fresh start.


    Moving in and moving out cleanings for kitchens checklist



    • Dust light fittings and fixtures, vents, corners and ceilings
    • Wipe down cupboard and counter tops, baseboards, door frames, window sills and light switches
    • Clean inside cupboards and install new shelf paper
    • Wipe down faucets, door and cupboard handles
    • Wash walls and windows
    • Clean curtain poles and/or wipe down blinds
    • Clean grout and seals
    • Clean plugholes, pipes, and garbage disposals
    • Dust the cooling coils on your refrigerator
    • Sanitize your dishwasher
    • Clean beneath, behind and inside large appliances including your oven and fridge
    • Change the cooker hood filter
    • Clean and disinfect floor
    • Check smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries

    Even if you’re not a keen cook, the kitchen is the heart of many family homes and an important space to keep clean. Before bringing food into your new house, think about where you’re going to store it. Use lining paper inside cupboards to keep them free from stains and easier to clean in the future, and get the most out of your appliances by cleaning cooling vents and coils to make them run more efficiently.

    It’s equally important to leave your kitchen gleaming when you’re moving out. Kitchens collect dirt and grease that can jeopardize your security deposit or make moving in an unpleasant experience for new homeowners. A pre- or post-move deep clean is also a great time to check home security features like smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector batteries.

    Top Tip: Always sweep and vacuum before mopping or washing. Dust clings to damp surfaces, so remove as much of it as possible before you get anything wet.


    Moving in and moving out cleaning for floors in new homes

    At Pro Housekeepers, we know a thing or two about deep cleaning a house in preparation for a move, or when you’ve just moved into a new home. Our moving in or out cleaning checklist should help you get everything done.

    We understand that the extra stress of cleaning can be too much to handle along with all the other aspects of a move, including contracts, paperwork, packing up all your possessions and maybe switching jobs or school districts — all on a tight schedule. That’s why our cleaning Pros are available to handle everything for you. Pre-book your house cleaning before or after your move and relax, knowing it’s another thing checked off your to-do list. We even offer same day service so if you need help in a pinch, give Pro Housekeepers a call for all your cleaning needs before or after you move house.