How To Fold a Hoodie Properly

    Master space-saving hacks with our efficient guide on how to fold a hoodie for seamless packing and neat storage!

    If you love sporting hoodies, then you know how tricky it can be to fold them and keep them looking organized. It’s a time-consuming task and even after all of your efforts, your hoodies can still end up fitting awkwardly and messily in your drawers. To help make the folding process easier, we’ve crafted a guide on the best technique to fold your hoodies and have them look organized and well-arranged.

    How To Fold a Hoodie Quickly

    Prepare Your Hoodie For Folding

    To become an expert at folding your hoodies, some essential tools can help you get started. Start by using a few helpful and simple tools and prepare your hoodie to ensure you’re ready to conquer the process! 

    What You’ll Need

    For an effortless and neat folding of your hoodie, there are key essentials you must have at hand. Having these in place will make your task simpler, faster, and more efficient.

    • A flat surface such as a clean tabletop or bed
    • Your favorite hoodie to be folded
    • Enough space for folding and moving around
    • A calm, undisturbed environment

    Clear a Flat Surface

    With a flat, clean surface, you can fold your hoodie into a compact form swiftly and efficiently, minimizing wrinkles and saving space in your luggage or drawers.

    Clear a space on your dining table, bed, or the floor, and ensure it’s clean. Make sure it’s wide enough to lay your hoodie out fully for an ideal folding station.

    Unzip or Unbutton the Hoodie

    To achieve a neat fold, unzip or unbutton your hoodie to avoid lumps while folding. Unzipping or unbuttoning your hoodie reduces bulky areas that make folding difficult. This process leads to a flatter surface, which creates a well-folded hoodie that saves precious storage space in your drawer or suitcase.

    Turn the Hoodie Inside Out (optional)

    While the idea of flipping your hoodie inside out might seem unusual, some believe it helps ward off damage to prints or designs during packing. However, this step is optional, and you can stick to the regular exterior handling if you prefer.

    Ultimately, the choice is yours. Depending on your preferences and the specific hoodie you have, turning it inside out may be worth the extra effort.

    How To Fold a Hoodie Quickly

    Fold the Hoodie

    To achieve the perfect hoodie fold, it’s important to follow each step carefully and to take your time. By not rushing, you’ll be able to fold the hoodie properly so that it’s smooth and takes up the least amount of space possible.

    Straighten Out the Sleeves

    Straightening out the sleeves of your hoodie is essential to achieving a wrinkle-free fold. It sets the base for a proper fold while ensuring your hoodie looks neat and ready for wear each time.

    1. Remove any creases or folds from the sleeves
    2. Ensure the sleeves lay flat against the rest of the hoodie
    3. Check that the sleeves align with the edges of the hoodie

    Fold the Sleeves Inward

    Once your hoodie’s sleeves are smooth and wrinkle-free, channel your best folding techniques. This step, known as inward sleeve folding, is essential in ensuring a perfect, seamless result.

    1. First, extend one sleeve across to the opposite side, creating a straight edge.
    2. Align this sleeve with the hoodie’s bottom edge.
    3. Repeat the process with the other sleeve, ensuring it rests on top of the first.
    4. Adjust, if needed, to ensure the hoodie maintains a rectangular form.

    Fold the Hood Downwards

    Pack like a pro by ensuring your hoodie’s hood is folded downwards. This integral step helps the hood lay flat, enhancing compactness. Make sure you tuck the drawstrings in to prevent tangling.

    Find the center of the hood and push it down. Remember, decisive downward folding results in a tidy and compact hoodie.

    Roll the Hoodie from the Bottom Up

    Learning to ace the bottom-up rolling move is your ticket to a perfectly folded hoodie. Start at the hem of your hoodie, and carefully roll it upwards. 

    As you take your time to roll upwards, every fold fits neatly into place. You’ll be surprised by how much less space your hoodie will occupy in the end.

    Combine the elements of precision and control, and the bottom-up roll becomes a game-changer. It’s not just another way to fold a hoodie – it’s an approach that saves space, perfect for your drawers or suitcases. 

    How To Fold a Hoodie Quickly

    Store or Pack the Folded Hoodie

    Now that the hoodie is neatly rolled, it’s time to store or pack it. Whether you’re traveling abroad and need to efficiently pack your hoodie in a suitcase, or are looking to store it in a drawer for an organized look, we’ve got you covered.

    Stack or Organize in Drawers

    Once you’ve neatly folded your hoodies, stacking them in alternating directions in your drawer can be a game-changer. This method helps to maintain the fold and optimizes space, granting you a clutter-free environment and effortless access.

    Embracing smart organization methods, such as vertically storing your folded hoodies, opens up room in your drawers. This space-saving technique allows you to see all your hoodies at a glance, avoiding unnecessary rummaging through stacks and maintaining the integrity of your fold.

    Pack in Luggage or Suitcase

    The last step in your space-saving journey is packing your neatly rolled hoodie into your luggage. Position it along the perimeter of the suitcase or in the spaces between other items, leveraging each inch of available space.

    Given the compact nature of your neatly rolled hoodie, you can easily tuck it into any open pocket of space. This provides a hassle-free packing experience that ensures your hoodie arrives wrinkle-free and ready to wear.

    How To Fold a Hoodie Quickly

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Can I use this folding method for other types of clothing?

    A: While this folding method is specifically designed for hoodies, you can also use it for other similar garments like sweatshirts or jackets.

    Q: Will folding my hoodie cause wrinkles?

    A: When done correctly, folding your hoodie should not cause significant wrinkles. However, if you’re concerned about wrinkles, you can always use a garment steamer or iron to remove any creases.

    Q: How long does it take to fold a hoodie using this method?

    A: Once you get the hang of it, folding a hoodie using this method should only take a few seconds. It’s a quick and efficient way to keep your hoodie neatly folded.

    Q: Can I fold a hoodie without stretching it out?

    A: Yes, you can fold a hoodie without stretching it out by being gentle and avoiding excessive pulling or tugging. It’s important to handle the hoodie with care to maintain its shape.

    Q: Can I wash a folded hoodie without unfolding it?

    A: It’s generally recommended to unfold a hoodie before washing it to ensure that all areas are properly cleaned. However, if you’re in a hurry, you can wash a folded hoodie, but make sure to unfold it before drying to prevent wrinkles.