How To Clean a Marble Shower

Do you have a luxurious marble shower? Marble is beautiful and deserves to be taken care of, considering its expense. But most people don’t realize that marble has its own set of rules when it comes to cleaning. The last thing anyone wants to do is ruin the marble shower. 

Let’s talk about some of the tender love and care you need to dedicate to cleaning it. We can review some of the best marble cleaners and how to clean a marble shower naturally. Let’s start. 

Start With the Do Nots

Before even picking up any cleaning products, you should understand what ruins marble and what you should not do to clean your shower. This avoids any costly mistakes. 

  1. Since marble is so expensive, your manufacturer or supplier will always provide you with a warranty. You need to read through this thoroughly because there will be several instructions that will indicate a void warranty. Once the warranty is voided, any reconstruction will be very costly. 
  2. Many people use acidic cleaners to naturally clean a home. This can ruin marble. Only pH-neutral cleaners can take care of the marble and not damage the stone’s surface. 
  3. This type of stone is easily scratchable. Using anything rough is threatening to the surface. Do not use hard bristles, coarse sponges, or anything of the sort to try to get up hard or sticky residue and stains. 

    How To Clean a Marble Shower

    A Gentle Cleaning

    If you are wondering how often to clean a marble shower or bathtub, know that a gentle cleaning should be done a few times a week and that a thorough cleaning should be done once or twice a month. A thorough cleaning should go over the marble more than once to ensure the grime gets picked up where, as a gentle cleaning can be a simple wipe down. Be sure not to use any chemicals bought from the store. 

    Shampoos, conditioners, and soaps line the walls when you shower with residue. Gently take a microfiber cloth and let the water run while wiping down the walls to get any sticky residue up. You don’t need to use a cleaner here because the process is simply just to get the residue of the walls. 

    Quick Tips for A Wipedown

    1. Don’t use any body soap or shower products to help clean the walls. This is for your body and does leave a layer or grime and residue behind.
    2. If you have a shower head that can move or a hose to rinse down the walls after the wipe down this is the best way to get all the yuck off the walls. 
    3. Be sure to clean the showerhead and other parts of the bath as well. Even though you are here to clean the marble, it’s an overall project that no man should get left behind. 

    Products Not To Use for a Wipedown

    • Don’t use paper towels or things that disintegrate. It only creates a bigger mess.
    • Don’t use a sponge, as sometimes it just pushes the grime around.
    • Don’t use a hard bristle brush that can scratch the surface of the marble.
    • Don’t use cloths that have never been washed. You don’t want to risk any dye staining the marble. 
    How To Clean a Marble Shower

    A Thorough Deep Dive

    If you are wondering how to remove stains from the marble shower floor, then this is the time to do a deep clean of your bathroom

    Tools and Supplies to Clean a Marble Shower

    • Mild dish soap with a neutral pH level
    • Soft microfiber cloths 
    • Warm water
    • Bucket or spray bottle

    Getting Started

    1. Mix together in a bowl or spray bottle of warm water and a tablespoon of neutral Ph-level dish soap or detergent. Shake the bottle well or mix the bowl to ensure the dish soap is dispersed as much as possible. 
    2. Dampen the cloth and slightly ring out. Let the solution stay, as you don’t have to worry about it running down the walls. Or spray directly onto the marble. 
    3. Use your microfiber cloth to scrub in horizontal or vertical motions. Residue or streaks can be left behind if you don’t stay with a consistent motion. 
    4. Remember not to scrub too hard, as you don’t want to hurt the porous material. However, it is worth going over the marble twice to get a good cleaning in. 
    5. You can let the marble shower air dry once you are done. Some people like to dry it off with a cloth, but it isn’t necessary. 

    How to Clean Marble Shower Grout

    The grout is a different animal than the actual marble itself. However, since the grout is tiny and you have to be careful because you could easily scratch the marble, you’ll get the same products. Grout is pesky because it is much easier for dirt and grime to get stuck. It also can deteriorate if you scrub too hard. 

    To clean the grout, you want to use a toothbrush or something similar to help you get in between the marble tiles. Figure out what type of grout you have. We guess that if you have marble, the contractor will likely use high-quality grout as well. Gently scrub with the same cleaning solution. You don’t need to dig it in abrasively. After a little bit of lightwork, the grime will come up.

    How To Clean a Marble Shower

      Best Marble Cleaners to Use

      Other than the mild dish detergent or soap mixed with warm water, there are a few other cleaners you can look at buying or making yourself. 

      • MarbleLife’s Bathroom Cleaner Kit has premade cleaners so that you don’t have to worry about making your own. It covers both your marble shower and the grout, so you can get all the job done in one go. 
      • Granite Gold’s Shower Cleaner is another great option for those who just want to buy it already made. They have been in the business for over 50 years providing strong yet safe products to use our marble. 
      • Mold and mildew stain removers that are Ph balanced are a great option to provide a little extra strength. 
      • Hydrogen peroxide is a tricky cleaner to consider. For starters, it typically has a level of acetone in it. Acetone is quick to wipe away the colors of things. That’s why some people recommend using it for lightly colored marble but not for any dark or multi-colored marble. Use extreme precaution if you plan to use hydrogen peroxide. 

      Ultimately the best marble cleaner is a mix of dish soap. This is the safest bet; regular cleaning will get the job done with no problem at all. This is also what a lot of professional cleaning companies use to be extra safe. 

      How To Clean a Marble Shower

      Frequently Asked Questions

      When it comes to cleaning marble, many of us have the same questions and concerns. That’s why we rounded up the most frequently asked questions for you to check out. 

      Can you use bleach on marble showers?

      Bleach may be one of the most dangerous things you can use on a marble shower. It is highly acidic and can break right through the surface and cause serious damage. Some people think bleach is a go-to house cleaner, but it doesn’t work in this situation. Remember to stick with Ph-neutral cleaners in order to take care of your marble shower. 

      How to clean mildew from marble?

      Wiping your marble shower down from wet products after each use is the absolute best way to protect against any mildew that may build up. While that is a commitment, it is the price you pay for maintaining your marble. You can resort to doing it a few times a week and still ensure that it remains in good condition. 

      Should You Hire a Professional to Clean the Marble?

      If you have the money to call a professional it’s never a bad idea. You don’t have to worry about damaging it yourself. Having said that, you may want to double-check the cleaning company’s insurance if they were to damage it. For the most part, this is rare. A cleaning service shouldn’t cost too much to hire if you are getting just your bathroom done. Usually, an entire bathroom costs between $70 to $150. 

      How To Clean a Marble Shower

      Give It a Shot

      Cleaning your marble doesn’t have to be a big scary project. It just takes a little bit of effort and using the right materials. Most people go straight to acidic cleaners, like using baking soda, lemon, and vinegar. That works for some bathrooms but not for a marble shower. This will eat right into the surface and cause permanent damage. And the repairs cost a lot, so this is something that no one wants to deal with. 

      You need to use something that is pH-neutral to clean the marble. There are a lot of options on the market and you can find a list of the best cleaners above. With a few wipedowns a week and a general cleaning once or twice a month your marble should be well-cared for and stay in good shape.