How To Clean an Air Fryer in 6 Simple Steps

    We all get told that air frying is the simple, fast and healthy way to eat right, but what about the bits they don’t tell you about? The cleanup is something that never really gets mentioned, which can lead to a few headaches if you don’t know what to do. Luckily, that’s where we come in. Not only can we take care of everything for you with a professional cleaning service, but we can also talk you through the key steps so you can do it yourself if you’d prefer. Let’s dive right in!

    Quick Start: How to clean an air fryer in 6 simple steps!

    Any professional housekeeper will tell you that you can’t afford to skip these key steps:

    Part 1: Turn off the power

    Turning off the power and unplugging your air fryer from the wall is always the first thing to do when it’s time for a cleaning. You want to be fast and efficient when it comes to cleaning, but the most important thing is to be safe. It only takes a second to do, so why run the risk?

    Part 2: Take out the pan, basket, and tray

    These three should all slide right out with the minimum of effort and are designed to be dishwasher safe. If you’re unsure for any reason, you also have the option of a quick soak and rinse with warm soapy water in the sink.

    Part 3: Reach for your damp cloth

    Your air fryer is an electrical item, so you should never put it into the water. What you do to wash the main part of your device is use a damp cloth to wipe away any spillages and grease buildups.

    Part 4: Pick up a dish brush

    The heating coil is one of the more fragile parts of the air fryer and needs to be handled with care. Gently rubbing with a soft brush is the best way to clean it up so it’s as good as new.

    Part 5: Give everything a double check

    Breakages, cracks, and discoloration are all signs that something is wrong with the electrical components of your air fryer. If you find anything unexpected, leave it disconnected and contact an appliance expert for a second opinion.

    Part 6: Dry your air fryer

    A towel or dishcloth is all you need to dry any leftover moisture before reassembly. Once you’re done, your air fryer is good to go for your next culinary creation.

    But before you get started, here are some of the classic mistakes people make and why you need to avoid them:

    Problem Caused
    Leaving the fryer plugged in
    Serious risk of electric shock and appliance damage
    Getting the plug wet
    Potential damage to the unit when you power it on
    Misplacing a part you remove
    You have to waste time and energy looking for it
    Using the wrong type of brush
    Using a brush with metal bristles damages the coating

      Want to see some air fryer cleaning hacks in action?

      Take a look at this quick video and then keep reading for plenty of time-saving ideas that make life that little bit easier.

      Want to learn more about how to deep clean air fryers?

      Our handy hints and tips will make sure you never have headaches when it’s time to get your air fryer looking as good as new:

      • You can clean an air fryer with vinegar and baking soda to save money on expensive cleaning products, plus there won’t be any artificial scents in your kitchen either
      • Baked on grease can take some serious scrubbing but it doesn’t have to. Leave it to soak for half an hour in warm soapy water and it’ll peel straight off
      • Lining your air fryer with a sheet of cooking foil will keep the mess at bay and keep the cleanup that’s required to an absolute minimum

      Now you’ve heard some of the best cleaning hacks, it’s time we got specific about the key things you need to focus on. Starting with…

      How to clean grease from air fryer basket

      If in doubt, follow these handy tips and you’ll find that your air fryer basket is spotless with the minimum of effort:

      • Take the basket out of the main fryer body and place it into a sink of warm soapy water
      • Leave to soak for a couple of minutes, or longer if you have a large amount of baked-on grease
      • Work across the surface of the tray in a circular motion with a dishcloth or sponge
      • Use a firm toothbrush to get into any tight areas and hard-to-reach places to make sure nothing is missed
      • Rinse off the bubbles and leave to dry before refitting

      To make sure you can put these air fryer cleaning tips into practice without delay, don’t forget to double-check you have access to all the tools you’ll need.

      The key tools you need to clean an air fryer in minutes

      Here’s a quick rundown of the key supplies needed to clean an air fryer:

      A firm toothbrush

      One of the most underrated tools in the kitchen is the humble toothbrush. It’s the best way to get into all those little spots and crevices where grease and food builds up.

      A large sponge or dishcloth

      If you don’t already have one, get a couple of spares so you can always start your next deep clean with a clean surface.

      Plenty of vinegar and baking soda

      Mix vinegar and baking together in a potent 2:1 ratio and you’ll get the perfect all-natural cleaning paste that can remove just about anything. Ideal when you want to save time, money, and effort thanks to a couple of everyday items you’ll almost certainly already have in the kitchen.

      A flat work surface and plenty of space 

      Having a clear area in your kitchen by your sink is the way to go. It’ll eliminate the stress that comes from juggling all the various parts and trying to find them when it’s time to reassemble your fryer. Take your time, get everything set up the right way and enjoy how easy the process is.

      Scrubbing in confined spaces
      Wiping away spillages and grease
      Wiping and drying your air fryer
      Vinegar and baking soda
      A powerful homemade cleaning solution

      Now you’re armed with the tools and know-how, let’s show you some of the other top tips no one else will share with you.

      How to clean an air fryer XL and make it look easy

      Whether you want to know how to clean the biggest fryer on the market, or how to clean a Ninja air fryer without any effort, you’ve come to the right part of this article. Add the following hacks to your air fryer cleaning toolkit and you’ll be all set:

      • Work in natural light, or plenty of overhead light, so you don’t have to strain to see into all the little grooves and channels
      • Invest in an air fryer cleaning spray and use it to help you get into those hard-to-reach places if you find baking soda and vinegar aren’t working
      • Get a spare brush with firmer bristles and have it nearby so you’re never tempted to reach for a metal utensil. While a knife or fork will certainly get the debris off, it’s also going to damage the delicate coating and potentially crack the heating coil!

      You’ll find the new tools you end up buying have multiple uses, like cleaning your pots and pans. This means they’re well worth the investment in more ways than one.

      Classic mistakes everyone makes when cleaning air fryers

      Want to make sure you get the job done right the first time? Pay special attention to this section and make sure you don’t fall foul of the classic mistakes everyone seems to make on their first attempt.

      Scrubbing too hard

      Using a metal implement, wire wool or just scrubbing too hard with any suitable tool we’ve already covered is guaranteed to damage your air fryer. If in doubt, use more cleaning solution and soak for longer in hot water.

      Getting the reassembly wrong 

      If you haven’t cleaned your fryer for a while, taking a photo of what it looks like before you get started is a good idea. You can then refer back to it to make sure everything fits together the right way at the end of your cleaning session.

      Not drying off the water

      Take your time, towel dry, and make sure there’s no water near the power outlet. You might be tempted to rush, but it’ll just cause headaches later on.