How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

Earrings are important fashion accessories that complement the wearer’s beauty and enhance their appearance. Despite its importance, it is often one of the most ignored pieces of jewelry during cleaning processes. Sadly, its placement on the body attracts lots of grime and dirt from the air, makeup, cream, body oils, sweat, shampoos, and many more, which makes it very dirty. 

Cleaning your earrings is as important as wearing them. This prevents the chance of getting an infection through accumulated microbes and protects your jewelry items from losing their luster. Fortunately, numerous methods exist to clean your earrings without stressing too much. We have gathered some of the best tips on how to get rid of the gunks and grime in your jewelry and restore its shine. 

    How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

    What You Need to Clean Your Earrings

    Cleaning your earrings requires no special expertise. It is something you can do yourself from the comfort of your home. 

    Here are a few items you need to get started:

    • Mild dish soap
    • Soft-bristled brush
    • Microfiber cloth
    • Hot water
    • Baking Soda
    • Rubbing alcohol (optional)
    • Hydrogen Peroxide (optional)

    How to Clean Earrings at Home

    Now that you have read that cleaning your earrings is very important. You are probably wondering how to get started with it. Read on to find out how.

      1. Clean your hands: This might sound like something everyone should know, but it is important to remind ourselves. Ensure that you wash your hands thoroughly before you begin cleaning and inserting the earrings back into your piercings. You do not want to risk spreading germs from your contaminated hands to your ear piercings or jewelry pieces. Ensure you wash your hands (including your fingers) with warm water and hand soap for a few seconds. Then, rinse and dry with a clean towel.
      2. Clean with hot water:
          • Boil some water in your microwave or cooker.
          • When the water is boiled, soak your earrings in it for about 20 minutes.
          • Gently scrub with the soft-bristled brush.

        Although this process is not as effective as using a cleaning solution, it is a good alternative.

      3. Remove dirt with toothpicks: Cleaning earrings with intricate designs can be tricky. You can use a toothpick to reach areas that can not be accessed easily.
      4. Dry: Finally, dry the earrings with a clean microfiber cloth. Do not use a towel with loops to avoid leaving fibers on your earrings or paper towels that can scratch the surfaces.  
    How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

      How to Clean Earring Backs

      When cleaning your earrings, it is also important to clean their backs. Usually, most earrings, like studs, have fasteners behind them to hold them in place. These fasteners need to be cleaned to get rid of accumulated dirt. So, ensure that you put as much effort into cleaning them. If you cannot remove all dirt in one clean, you can use a toothpick to reach the tiny crevices and rinse with warm water.

      How to Clean Earrings with Hydrogen Peroxide

      Besides using hydrogen peroxide to clean grout on your floor tiles, you can also use it as a cleaning solution for your earrings. 

      Cleaning your earrings with hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to disinfect them and eliminate bacteria, especially for people with sensitive ears. This cleaning solution is safe for all kinds of gold or silver earrings. 

      There are two ways to clean your earrings with hydrogen peroxide. You can either:

      1. Soak them in a solution of hydrogen peroxide: Fill a bowl with hydrogen peroxide and soak your earrings in there for 20 minutes. Then, carefully rinse and dry.
      2. Clean with a cotton pad: You can also pour some hydrogen peroxide on a cotton pad or wool and carefully clean your earrings.
      How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

      How to Clean Pearl Earrings

      Pearl earrings are delicate pieces of jewelry vulnerable to damage or scratches if not properly cared for. Since they are sensitive to chemicals, it is advised to avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions on them. Cleaning your pearl earrings the right way will make them last a generation without getting damaged. 

      To clean your pearls:

      1. Always have a jewelry cloth to polish your pearls after every wear to avoid oil or dirt buildup.
      2. In cases of visible stains, clean your pearls with a damp cloth and a combination of warm water and mild dish soap.
      3. Dry with a clean and dry cloth or allow to air dry before keeping in your storage box.
      How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

      How to Clean Gold Earrings

      You can clean your gold earrings easily without much stress. Here are the steps on how to go about it:

      1. Create a mixture of dish soap and warm water or a solution of baking soda and warm water with a sprinkle of salt.
      2. Soak your gold earrings in the solution for about 30 minutes
      3. Gently scrub with a soft-bristled brush.
      4. Rinse thoroughly to get rid of the cleaning solution.
      5. Pat dry with a lint-free cloth.
      How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

      How to Clean Silver Earrings

      Silver is one of the most popular materials for creating beautiful jewelry pieces. To clean your silver accessories, you need to:

      1. Line a glass baking dish with tin foil, positioning the shiny side up.
      2. Place your silver jewelry in the pan and fill it with boiled water till it is completely covered.
      3. Add baking soda to the pan till you notice the earrings are bubbling.
      4. Leave for an hour
      5. Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub and remove dirt gently
      6. Rinse with clean water
      7. Gently dry with a clean cloth.

      Pro tip: You can learn the best practices for cleaning and managing your silvered items here.

      How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

      How to Make Your Earrings Sparkle

      You can keep your earrings sparkly by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol. Below are the steps involved:

      1. Pour some rubbing alcohol on a cotton swap.
      2. Use the cotton swap to clean the earrings carefully.

      Alternatively, you can leave your earrings in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes.

      How Often Should You Clean Your Earrings?

      It is advised to clean your earrings as frequently as you can. If possible, clean the hooks or fasteners with an alcohol swab before each wear to prevent dirt buildup and disinfect before use. 

      Why Should You Clean Your Earrings Often?

      Wearing earrings for an extended period without proper cleaning can cause infected ear piercings

      A piercing is an open wound on the body, and exposure to infected earrings will certainly lead to an infection. 

      When the ear piercing is infected, it can cause swollen ear lobes, ear redness, ear pus, or pain in the ears. It is important to ensure that your earrings are always cleaned to prevent this from occurring.

      Here are a few reasons why cleaning your earrings is important:

      • To prevent dirt buildup: Earrings are constantly covered with natural oils, hair creams, makeup items, sweat, air particles, improperly rinsed-off shampoos and soaps, and many more. Cleaning your jewelry pieces regularly will help prevent this dirt from accumulating.
      • To maintain the luster: When earrings are covered with dirt and grime, their appearance becomes dull. In fact, some changes color due to chemical reactions. Ensure that you constantly keep your earrings clean so they can remain as beautiful as when you got them. 
      • To last longer: Another importance is to ensure that your earrings last for a long time. If you don’t want to part with your favorite earrings so soon or spend money to buy another pair, you have to clean your earrings often. This will prevent them from getting rusty or weak due to accumulated dirt, grime, or grease.
      • To prevent bacterial infections: This is the most important reason to keep your earrings clean. 

      According to Dr. Francesca Fusco, a dermatologist in New York City, dead skin can build up around the backing of earrings as a result of dandruff or infrequent removal and serve as a nidus for germs. You should note that your earrings are more or less going through a hole in your earlobes (piercings), so when they are dirty, they can spread infections to you. 

      How To Clean Earrings The Right Way

      Final Thoughts

      As you can see, cleaning your earrings is essential to preserving their value and sparkle. You can ensure that your earrings remain as beautiful as ever by following the above cleaning tips and steps. 

      Other important care tips to note:

      • Apply your body lotions, sprays, and makeup before wearing your earrings.
      • Clean your earrings with alcohol wipes after each use.
      • Store your earrings in a ziplock bag to prevent tarnish.
      • Ensure that you remove your earrings before going to bed.
      • Do not expose your earrings to harmful detergents or solutions like bleach.