How To Clean A Mouse Pad Till It’s Squeaky Clean

Cleaning our mouse pads is not the first thing anyone thinks about when they put together their spring cleaning list. If you are like the rest of us, you may have banged the mouse on the pad a few times when it doesn’t work. We may be blaming the mouse when instead we should be blaming the mousepad. It gets dirty quickly, but we may not notice! 

Oddly enough, not everyone knows how to clean a mouse pad. Furthermore, how do I clean a mouse pad without ruining it? It’s not complex, but it is important to know the materials you are working with. Let’s check out this guide to get the job done and use a squeaky clean mouse pad. 

Types of Mouse Pads

Before we get into the steps and process it’s important to know there are many different types of mouse pads on the market. Here is what you may come across.

  • RGB mousepad
  • Razer mousepad
  • Gaming mouse pad
  • Steelseries mousepad
  • Logitech mouse pad

While there are more than these brands and types, they are the most common you will come across. Luckily the methods may only differ slightly. 

    How To Clean A Mouse Pad Till It’s Squeaky Clean

    How to Clean RGB mousepad

    An RGB mousepad is different from other mouse pads because it is a hard gaming mousepad. You will definitely want to take care of it because it was built for pro gamers. With some of these mousepads going for over $50, you want to ensure you don’t ruin the sensors or materials like rubber slips to maintain the pad’s quality. 

    What You Need:

    How To:

    1. Unplug all your electronics. Leaving anything plugged in can fry the mousepad or injure someone. 
    2. Mix warm water and a tiny bit of mild dish soap into a bowl. 
    3. Dampen your microfiber cloth in warm water. Make sure it is not too hot, so you don’t damage the materials. 
    4. You can run the cloth over the top of the mousepad to help remove the oil and grease stains. Refrain from going anywhere near the wires. 
    5. If there is any residue, rinse your cloth and ring it out, so it’s slightly damp. Run it over the PD again to wipe up the soap. 
    6. No need to use a dry cloth to wipe down. This can create smudges. Instead, let the mousepad dry with the wet side facing up. 

    The process is no different If you want to know how to clean a razer mousepad. This is another gaming mousepad that can follow the same process. Make sure not to add a lot of pressure on the mousepad when cleaning, so you don’t break it. This is the best method if you want to know how to clean a gaming mousepad in general. 

    How To Clean A Mouse Pad Till It’s Squeaky Clean

      How to Clean SteelSeries Mousepad

      SteelSeries offers several different mouse pads that are great for gaming. But they differ slightly from some of the ones listed above. If you want to learn how to clean a large mousepad or a small one, this is the section you can pay attention to. Most of their mouse pads are fabric (except for their RGB and non-wireless) which is why the process is different. Be sure to double-check your materials.

      What You Need:

      • Microfiber cloth or a towel
      • Warm water
      • Mild dish soap
      • A toothbrush or dish brush 

      How To:

      1. Fill a large bowl or sink with warm water and a medium-sized amount of dish soap. You can move the soap around to create suds and mix the solution. 
      2. Pull the fabric mousepad out and squirt a little more dish soap onto the top. You can lay it down on a towel since it is wet. 
      3. Use your brush to scrub the soap around and get up any dirt on the mousepad. Be sure to pay attention if the mousepad is falling apart. You may be scrubbing too hard. It also may be because of cheaper materials. 
      4. Drain the sink or bowl and fill with plain warm water to rinse the mousepad free of the soap. Take it out and ring the mousepad without ruining it. Get as much water out of the fabric as possible. Finally, let it air-dry on the towel. 

      This can take some time depending on the fabric. This is the same way to clean a large mouse pad, but it may take longer to dry than a smaller one. 

      How To Clean A Mouse Pad Till It’s Squeaky Clean

      How to Clean Logitech Mouse Pad

      Logitech truly has a huge array of mouse pads, from gaming mousepads to mouse mats. They also offer both wireless and wired as well as fabric. Logitech doesn’t follow a specific method different from anything mentioned above. You just need to determine whether you are working with an electronic or fabric mouse pad. If it’s fabric, there is one more solution you can consider.

      How to Wash Mousepad in Washing Machine

      Even though washing a mousepad shouldn’t take more than a few minutes by hand, throwing it in the wash is an alternative to ensure it gets thoroughly cleaned. The process requires a few settings to be turned on to ensure it doesn’t get ruined. No wired or electronic mousepads can be thrown in. 

      How To:

      1. Throw your fabric mousepad into the washing machine and add a mild detergent. Do not put bleach in as this will ruin the fabric. 
      2. Turn your settings to cold water, as hot water can also damage the size and materials of the mousepad. 
      3. The tumble setting should be set to gentle or a short cycle to protect the fabric from being tossed around too much. You can put things like towels or clothes in as well to protect the mousepad. 
      4. Once done, let the mousepad air dry rather than put it into a dryer. A dryer will likely cause it to shrink. 
      How To Clean A Mouse Pad Till It’s Squeaky Clean

      Frequently Asked Questions

      While the above illustrates how you can clean a few different types of mouse pads in a few different ways, this section is dedicated to some other frequently asked questions. 

      How often should I clean my mousepad?

      The consensus is that a mousepad should be cleaned three or four times a year. This may be shocking, considering some people never clean their mousepad in a lifetime. However, this may change based on your mousepad’s frequency. 

      If you are a gamer, you are likely getting a lot of runway time with the mousepad and making it dirtier a lot more quickly than others. When you start to notice grease build-up or oil marks over the mousepad or track, it is time to clean. 

      How to clean an Apple mousepad?

      Apple has a unique mousepad or hand track that goes along with its computers. They recommended using a disinfectant wipe as long as it is not bleach or hydrogen peroxide. Wipes that contain 70% Isopropyl alcohol are fine as long as they are used on non-porous areas of the product. 

      When it comes to the mousepad, you can also use a tiny bit of white vinegar on a cloth and wipe it. Never submerge or put the product directly on the mousepad. Always use a cloth or wipe. 

      What is the best way to pack my mousepad for travel?

      Even if the mousepad is fabric, it is always a good idea to protect the mousepad from other things in a backpack or suitcase. You can simply use a case that you buy from a laptop or an iPad and keep it in this clean space. Some companies may even make special cases from their gaming mousepads.